Measuring what customers are saying about you….

Saturday, 24 March, 2007

I like these new services that are popping up now which are measuring the good and not so good comments of customers over the web. seem to have an interesting slant on things by including influence into their measurement. I wonder if these types of technology are going to be snapped up as part of the big research boys or if they can keep independent and continue to innovate. Either way I’m going to try to convince a client to run a tracker for a few campaigns to see what you learn.


Hello world!

Saturday, 24 March, 2007

Welcome to my blog. Over time i’m gonna post idea’s and my thoughts on the Direct Marketing Industry.

My agency has an advertising and direct marketing department that never speak to each other. It’s USP is offering fully integrated campaigns for clients which is a bit ironical really. This week at the agency everyone seems stressed over pitches (It’s been a while since we won a biggy). It’s a bit of the blind leading blind at the moment (Sound familiar?) with the same pitch team trying to flog the same idea. Everyone is hoping a nice creative is going to pop out of the air very soon (After all thats all clients buy on).

Data is cool as it’s the building blocks of every idea both Above/Thru/Below the line. I know even a few brand planners that now spend most their time looking at graphs these days pulling out the odd insight.

The penny hasn’t dropped at the agency yet thou, they’re trying the same thing as lastime hoping someone will eventully buy the onetrick pony idea. I’ll post a note later in the week to update on what happend. My guess is with 2 hours to go they will ask for a spreadsheet that proves the naf picture board of ideas and 30 sec montage based on a “Coldplay” song will do the trick for the clients bottom line. We shall see…